Coming Home…

I spent the last couple of days of my stay walking the halls and meeting different people.  I met a couple of people with multiple myeloma who were walking really fast…they were doing so good!  I met my friends who I met the day of my admission.  We would call each other daily for check ups on our counts and to see how everybody was doing.  I met such wonderful people there.  I got to know my nurses as if they were friends of mine.  On Wednesday, the day after my huge temp increase, my legs started to get sore and I knew that this was a sign saying that I would be going home very soon.  You see, I was taking the Neupogen to get my WBCs to go back up and I had been taking this shot since Saturday the 28th.  There came a point when my legs got so sore, I had to ask for pain medicine and this does work wonders!  I thought I would try extra strength tylenol, but that did not work and it was on to the more potent stuff.

All of the nurses were wonderful, but there is one particular nurse that I will never forget.  Her name is Georgia and  we became really close.  She did start to cry a little when she found out I was going home. 

Me & Georgia

She would walk in each night and say hello to my children’s pictures on the wall and when I would Skype with them, she would say hi to them.  My little man would say hi back, but baby girl would look at her like, hey, what are you doing there!  Then she would wave her little hand.

There was one point where I did actually black out!  My heart seemed to beat really fast during that last week and at the beginning of that week, after taking a nice shower I had to sit and then be wheeled back to my bed because I almost fell down.  When you change your clothes, the nurse has to help get the IV lines through the shirt sleeves and after my shower while she was helping me get my shirt on, I felt faint and she knew it.  She made me sit on the shower seat and they had to transport me back to bed.  So, needless to say, I was “sent to bed” for several hours!  Usually this would be great, but I wanted~no needed~ to get my walking in!  But, after a few hours of rest, I did go for a walk and did pretty good I have to say! 

Every night, I would order toast and jelly with hot tea from the food services.  My appetite really did not take too much of a hit.  Although I did lose about 6 pounds which is back already. 

So, on Friday morning the 3rd of December, I get a call from Amy my Nurse Practitioner on the transplant team and she says, “Congratulations, you are going home today!”  My numbers went up pretty high!  They went up to 7.4 and the normal range is 3.5-10.5; so, being that a few days before they were at 0, this was great! 

I was going home!  Now, all I needed to do was pack and say goodbye to everyone…oh, wait, I needed my IV removed first, right…The nurse came in and removed my PICC line which became a part of me for so long.  If you are wondering, the removal of the PICC line did NOT hurt.  And apparently people do ask to see it after it’s taken out.  In my world, there are some things I choose to leave to the imagination, so no I didn’t take pictures with it or anything…

My IV pole was a constant companion…ahhh…what would I do without it?  I know…walk without assistance!!!  So, after my line was out and my pole taken away, I took a shower, at breakfast, packed up my room, and waited for my husband to come get me.  When he came, we went to each of my friend’s rooms to say goodbye and get pictures and then, well…we went home!!!!  I missed my babies and could not wait to hold them and I can say, the drive home was so hard because, when you love your kids like I do, you want to see them NOW, not in two hours!!!

Walking in my door after being gone so long, my kids just hugged me so tight!  I sat in the living room with both of my babies,

Home with my babies!

 thanked my mother-in-law and father-in-law for taking care of them this whole time and just basked in the reality that, yes, I am home and I am going to get better!  Just give me a year or three for magnificent results!

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  1. Marc says:

    Nurse Georgia is AWESOME! I kept her coming back to my room because she is a HUGE Chicago Bulls Basketball fan! I don’t really watch basketball, but it was fun to keep her informed on how the games were going!

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