I’m Up…I’m Down…No, I’m Up…

Hi…surprised that I’m back so soon aren’t you! Well, I decided to follow the advice of a very good stem cell friend and try posting something each week about my progress. So, here we go…

This week has been a little tough for me. It started last Monday with a small cold that really affected my legs. I would love to say that this no longer happens, but with my immune system being so compromised, when I get sick, it still affects me the way it used to. The problem is that I (like others who went through this transplant) have a harder time getting rid of a sickness and the first problem I have is with my walking.

Now that being said, I have found a slight change with getting sick—- I DO NOT get any worse than before. I actually stay where I was pre-transplant. I know some of you may think…wow, well that does not sound good; but for me, it’s great! I’m not getting worse…that’s BIG!

When I do feel this way, I try to find someone (anyone) who had the same experience and have searched through a few websites of people who had the same treatment. This helps reassure me and believe me, that is something that anyone going through this will completely understand…so, here are some of the sites I have searched and the authors of these sites are just wonderful people:





A couple of these sites are already found on my website, but once it is updated, I will include much more. I just want everyone to know that I have found this first year to be such a rollercoaster ride. And it is not even a year yet! I have such great ups and some yucky downs. I think this is just the stepping stone to getting better and as I have said before, the MS is not worse…just stopped. There are things that are gone, but, still things that need work.

5 Responses to “I’m Up…I’m Down…No, I’m Up…”

  1. Marc Coppins says:

    I really haven’t been getting sick. I probably will now, I probably just jinxed myself!

    Get better soon!

    Marc Coppins

  2. hope says:

    Thanks Marc! Stay healthy!!!

  3. jen says:

    I love running in to you at Panara and witnessing the progression! You look wonderful and really loved the picture of you with the kids on Facebook! Maybe sometime we could sit and chat at panera!

  4. hope says:

    Thank you Jen! We should get together at Panera. Send me a FB message to plan something.

  5. hope says:

    Anybody reading this post. Some words were linked and not by me. Just to let you know!

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