The Ride of a Lifetime

Did I ever mention how much I do not like rollercoasters? I actually hate them. Yeah…that feeling in your stomach when you go up and the anticipation felt with every single click until you reach the top. Then going down.
The rollercoaster that I am on right now is sort of like that. When I feel good, the anticipation is awesome. When I am at the top…it is the best! But then…I go down.

That is frustrating…

I am happy to say that now, I’m almost to the top again. I have been told by many people that this year is a tough one and that you will feel great, then not so great. It is incredibly reassuring to know that I’m not alone.

Would I do the transplant again? A thousand times: YES! But, I do have to tell those who will be or are going through it now, the first year can be pretty frustrating!
Will I ever like rollercoasters? Probably not…It’s too much worry and stress isn’t good for anyone. This rollercoaster is different though, it’s a path to feeling better and I’ll continue to hope that I’ll stay at the top longer and longer…
Thanks for listening and I’ll write again soon…

3 Responses to “The Ride of a Lifetime”

  1. Marc says:

    Like you, I would also do the transplant again…. in a heartbeat. Yes the recovery process is tough, but the benefits make going through this, ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

    Hang tough kiddo!

  2. Marc says:

    By the way, I’m happy to see you have updated this again this week, I’ll leave you alone Saturday! ;-P

  3. Larry Fruit says:

    Great blog. Found it through Marc and Barb. Very enlightening. I am a cancer patient, in remission, so a lot of the stuff that you and Marc are going through are the same, meaning the immune system issues, and I have good days and bad days as far as eating goes, (I had throat cancer, some days it is swollen and hard to swallow and some days I can eat just fine). Loved reading your updates. Helped me a lot to understand what Marc is going through. Thank you, Larry.

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